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Our names are Kian and Ashley Bates and we live in the beautiful Pacific Palms surrounded by the Great Lakes region of New South Wales, an area which inspires us to capture moments in time to present our interpretations of our surrounding land and seascapes.

Kian has grown up next to the ocean and feels recharged by it's magnificence whether it be on a body board, surf board, fishing, free diving or behind the camera.

Kian started capturing images with his first waterproof camera when in high school and has learnt to develop his interpretations by constantly experimenting through the years with a series of cameras and lenses.  

To be able to freeze a moment in time of a breaking wave and share with people is rewarding and I am constantly amazed as it's another world viewing waves from behind the lens above and below the surface. No two waves ever break the same and shooting on dark with the flash is an adrenalin rush. Barelling waves, backwash, vortexes, wedges, micro waves, good clarity and stormy swells make for a great session.

Kian's main areas of passion are oceanic, surf, landscape & seascapes. 

We love hearing feedback from our customers about their purchases,  what they want to see or about photos we've already taken.  We will be constantly striving to take pictures that tell everyone a story and hopefully leave an impression of our beautiful area.

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